Three Tips for Standing Out at a Major Exhibition

Major exhibitions can be stressful. Brands spend a lot of time and money creating presentations and constructing exhibition spaces designed to wow spectators. Standing out among the heavy hitters often feels overwhelmingly impossible, but having a major impact doesn’t have to blow up your budget.

Don’t cater to the masses.
You don’t need to be a feature speaker to reach hundreds (or thousands). Take advantage of your exhibition space by hosting pop-up seminars on timely topics that demonstrate your command of the industry and unique point of view.

Think outside the cash box.
Buyers and sellers are great industry targets, but don’t forget about the media. Prepare a “hot sheet” of timely company news that can be shared with attending press via email. Or go old school and hand out copies at the event (but keep it to a single page, please).

Share your voice, but stay in harmony.
Highlight hot topics already being discussed and share your unique storyline within the context of the overall exhibition with reporters. They’ll report on the big trends, and can use your content as valuable supporting points.