Three Reasons You Should Care about Workplace Design

office design

For many companies today, workplace design has a significant impact on the overall success of the business — supporting high performance and revenue growth.

Here are three reasons we, as marketers, should care about workplace design to strengthen our brand perception, no matter what industry we’re in.

Employee engagement matters.
A highly engaged workforce can boost a company’s bottom line up to 20%. Incorporating employee feedback into the office design and providing spaces for effective collaboration can increase innovation and productivity. Alternatively, issues with temperature, lighting, noise, crowded spaces and poor ergonomics can hinder productivity, creativity and engagement.

People are accepting — or rejecting — job offers for new reasons.
Money, growth, opportunity and a work/life balance remain top priorities, but a strong brand and attractive work environment have emerged as important factors when considering a new job. If your work space is filled with gray cubicles, you might lose out on top talent or risk great employees moving on to more innovative-looking companies.

Brand performance.
Branding your business goes beyond the content on your website, the colors in your logo and the mission statement you’ve created. The look and feel of your office are equally important for developing a company culture and sense of community that aligns with your brand message to the public.

This year, substantial research was released surrounding workplace design. Interested in learning how this impacts what your customers are thinking and buying? Click here to view the materials presented during EMA’s first workplace design webinar on “Trends, Issues and Influences to Watch in 2015.”