Take a Look at Which Friendship Qualities Dominated Super Poll Sunday

Here at EMA, we have a philosophy called Brand as Friend. It means when you have a relationship with a brand, that relationship is much like a personal friendship. So, we asked our friends to rank some of the best commercials from Super Sunday using these friendship qualities:

  • Affection — Shows the thoughtful ways a brand listens, cares and occasionally surprises.
  • Relevance — Connects with customers with great storytelling and unique style.
  • Trust Acts as a proven, honest and loyal advisor that delivers on its promises.

With these in mind, here’s what our friends thought about the big-game ads:

Spot 1: Audi R8 Commander

  • Affection 45%
  • Relevance 19%
  • Trust 16%
  • None 20%

With David Bowie’s recent passing there’s a strong case for relevance, but our voters must have thought it was just a coincidence. They overwhelmingly chose affection. It’s probably because there’s a lot to love about a spot where a retired astronaut rediscovers his lust for life to the tune of Bowie’s “Starman.”

Spot 2: Colgate #EveryDropCounts

  • Affection 23%
  • Relevance 45%
  • Trust 23%
  • None 9%

If you’re not going to pitch a product, you’d better have a really good story to tell. Or a story about doing something good. And that’s exactly what first-time big-game advertiser Colgate did. They chose to spend $5 million on a socially conscious ad. If the plan works, it could save 300 billion gallons of water this year alone. So, yeah. That’s pretty relevant.

Spot 3: Heinz Wiener Stampede

  • Affection 61%
  • Relevance 15%
  • Trust 5%
  • None 19%

This spot was far and away the easiest choice. With nearly two-thirds of the vote, it’s safe to say that our audience has a special place in their hearts for wiener dogs wearing buns and humans dressed as condiments. And so do we. Hey, could someone pass the mustard?

Spot 4: Jeep Portraits

  • Affection 30%
  • Relevance 12%
  • Trust 46%
  • None 12%

With strong, simple visuals and great copy, this spot celebrating 75 years of Jeep was all about being loyal to the brand — and its audience. From helping win world wars to outrunning terminators, this is definitely a brand that has a history of delivering on its promises.

Spot 5: Amazon Baldwin Bowl Party

  • Affection 18%
  • Relevance 52%
  • Trust 1%
  • None 29%

Putting the product benefit front and center is always a good thing. But when it comes to relevance, showing off voice-activated technology and Missy Elliott’s new single is a great thing. Throw in two feuding veteran celebs and it’s easy to see why more than half of our voters chose relevance.

While all of the friendship qualities were prevalent during this year’s big game, one seemed to stand out above the rest — relevance. Brands that are relevant enjoy a number of benefits, including greater brand loyalty, faster growth rates, healthier margins, and less susceptibility to economic volatility. And, more than anything, those brands create the warm lasting bond you will only find in a close friendship.

Wondering how relevant your brand is? Contact our Brand as Friend guru John Leibrick at 315-413-4260.