Best Practices for a Strong Employee Communications Program

In the first two posts in this series we looked at reasons for the recent growth in employee communications and identified typical goals and expectations for these programs. Based on those perspectives, this article offers several tips for effective employee communications.

A survey we conducted with employee communications professionals, as well as our work with clients, have yielded several best practices, including these six:

  • Ensure senior management visibility. Leadership, commitment and transparency from senior management are essential requirements for successful employee communications. As part of that support, it’s important that senior management visibly and actively engages with employees in multiple ways.
  • Collect and act on data. Conduct frequent pulse surveys, track performance of e-communications, distribute an online survey following employee meetings, and provide opportunities for employee-to-supervisor feedback. However you do it, be sure to ask for and then act on employee input, feedback and data to constantly improve employee communications.
  • Make communications cross-functional. Employee communications can help break down siloes. Share employee stories, customer successes and performance results not just within the division where they happened but throughout the organization.
  • Adopt new technologies. Continuously seek the most accessible, user-friendly technology solutions that work across virtually any system, device or employee interface.
  • Emphasize peer-to-peer and employee-generated content. Provide employees with a vehicle for recognizing a colleague who’s doing a great job and encourage employees to write articles about how his or her team helped solve a problem.
  • Reduce the amount and length of e-mail. Recognize that employees have a love-hate relationship with email. Strive to find the mix of brevity, relevancy and frequency of email communications that’s best for your organization.

What’s working well at your company? Please email me with your tips and best practices for effective employee communications at brye@mower.com.

Up next, this series concludes with our 6 C formula for employee communications.