Staying Relevant in Financial Service Markets

Staying relevant in the financial services industry is difficult. Trying to be top-of-mind is even harder. Trying to stay current with changing technology and increased data collection can be downright overwhelming. With so many niche segments, evolving tech and increasing regulation and consumer needs, is there a way to be innovative? Is there more to just hoping to keep up with the field?

The short answer is absolutely. And fortunately, for many financial service marketers, you already have many of the tools and data to give you and your organization an edge.

Consider this insight we’ve uncovered: Customers want their financial institutions to be proactive and provide personalized attention; while most firms already have the data, they struggle to deliver the right offering to the right customer at the right time.

How did we learn this? By analyzing data and information collected from customers by financial services providers, banks, investment firms, and so on. Tons of data and numbers and clues just begging to be turned into great ideas. The buzzword for this information is Big Data.

This is the first post in a series of five about using Big Data to reach customers (via relevant messaging) to accelerate buying and build relationships. This is the way to satisfy your desire to reach customers in a crowded, turbulent sea of content and push marketing. How do you use the data to reach customers in a way that is relevant, personal, timely?

Check out our post next week on Demystifying Big Data for Financial Services. And learn more about EMA Financial here: www.mower.com/financial.