SOVA: Share of Visibility Audit

What is your true Share of Visibility online?

Share of Visibility refers to earned, organic or social online efforts and how that visibility compares to that of a brand’s competitors.

As brands scramble to own the online space, many are not truly leveraging their efforts across internal departments and disciplines.

Traditional boundaries inside companies and ad agencies work against brands owning a competitive advantage online. Brands tend to focus organic online strategies around search engine optimization (SEO), without thinking about its implication for social, PR and content marketing efforts. SEO is a critical part of any brand’s strategy, but there is more to online visibility than search results that drive to a brand’s webpages. PR, social, and conversations that your brand is not driving online are some of the most powerful influencers in buying decisions.

True Share of Visibility needs to look at organic search, social media, and public relations. Most brands are not coordinating their content strategies in these areas, and are missing critical opportunities to target topics and key phrases people are seeking information on.

This lack of coordination dilutes the potential share of voice and lessons visibility overall.

So what’s the answer?

Mower has developed our Share of Visibility Audit (SOVA) to help brands gain more online visibility. SOV analysis gathers raw data encompassing hundreds of metrics across all aspects of a brand’s online activity and compares them to their closest competitors. The analysis uses data from all three channels — organic, social and PR — to demonstrate where a brand’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

Marketers must understand what their top competition is doing to better create the right content strategy. This process delivers useable metrics that will inform your keyword and overall content strategy. You will find areas where you are winning, losing and ones that you want to win but may never win.

By aligning their keyword and content strategies across all three areas, marketers can better guide and control their brand’s online visibility.

Share of Visibility is much more than just search results.