Outsmarting Twitter’s Evil Bio Box

The first day of school is always the same drill. “Stand up, introduce yourself, and tell us something unique about yourself.”

The athletic kids always explain what sports they play; the musical kids informed everyone of the instrument(s) they have mastered.

I hated this activity and usually ended up revealing something totally impersonal and obscure about myself like the fact that I had broken my collarbone three times.

After graduating, I was relieved not to have to play this silly little game anymore. Unfortunately, I was spited by Twitter and its 160-character bio. This is essentially that game all over again and I am not as clever as some. Fear not, here are three easy ways to triumph over the awkwardness.

1.       Be real.

Your Twitter bio is a place to introduce yourself on your own terms. You don’t have to use the standard, hometown, alma mater, current job title model if you don’t want to—although if you plan to be opinionated, you should include a disclaimer that your views are your own. Take the time to think about how you would like to be introduced in that tiny little box.

2.       Consider your priorities.

Your Twitter bio should reflect your views and be relevant. If you plan to live-tweet every Yankee game, you probably want to mention that you are an avid fan. Not only will this earn you likeminded followers, but it also supports point #1.

3.       Maintain it!

Nothing here is set in stone. If you get a new job or take up a new hobby that you plan to tweet about, by all means add it to your bio. Think of this as a running nametag and proudly display what it is that you like about yourself.

Unlike that dreaded moment when it’s time to introduce yourself to the class, it’s possible to change your Twitter bio. Relish in that fact and take some time to introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to the Twitterverse next time you log in.

By Leah Lazarz, Associate Content Manager