Numbers New? No.

Measurement…metrics…analytics.  Very current, very hot. Maybe not?

You may be amused by a piece written by one of our B2Bbrains 10 years ago.

“Live by the numbers, and you’ll die by the numbers.”

“The sea change in business-to-business marketing began in the 90s. And if you think it had anything to do with the Internet, you’re wrong.

“The tectonic shift was Six Sigma and its adoption by the likes of GE. With its emphasis on process improvement, measurement and efficiency, Six Sigma drove huge changes – not just in business and marketing planning, but also in business relationships. More and more, managers traded ‘soft stuff’ for hard numbers. Tables of data replaced ‘table for four.’ Procurement brought quantitative structure to relationships that had previously been measured qualitatively.

“Was it good? Yes. And no.

“Metrics created a level of responsibility new to many business relationships, and to client-agency relationships in particular. Today, no planning session is complete without a disciplined look at before-and-after measurement or dashboards that track ongoing results at specified intervals.

“The good news is that we’re living less by the numbers and using them more as business – and yes, creative tools. The bad news? Numbers can dominate decisions and overpower the kind of intuition that reaches into the soul of an audience and unifies it with your brand.

“At EMA Group B2B, we love numbers. And we love people. Said another way, we believe that successful B-to-B marketing is a skillful balance of rational and emotional stimuli, paired up with a healthy ‘measure’ of human insight, and set against a backdrop of black-and-white business objectives.

For us, the secret is ‘Talk Human.’ After all, you don’t talk to machines, businesses or numbers. You talk to people. People whose lives you can change. People who can change your life. So in everything we do, we do our best to make business-to-business person-to-person. This is the essence of EMA’s brand and what sets us apart.”