New Survey Reveals Content Preferences of B2B Buyers

Demand Gen Report just issued the results of a new survey that delved into the wants, likes and dislikes of content consumption throughout the buying cycle. No surprise is that 67% of the respondents rely more on content this year than they did last year. But, it’ll be harder to attract those buyers with content because they’ll be a lot more selective. In fact, 74% of the survey said they have less time to look at content let alone study it. So all, improved that content. Make it more relevant and engaging. You can get a copy of the report here: http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-resources/research/3141-2015-content-preferences-survey-buyers-value-content-packages-interactive-content-.html#.VUd-cvlVik . And you can learn more about how to make your content more effect by reviewing our recent webinar, Seven Steps to Effective Content Marketing: http://www.mower.com/knowledge/7-steps-to-effective-b2b-content-marketing-webinar/