New mom’s social support system

There are many differing opinions when it comes to new moms and social sharing. While some think Facebook is a place for new moms to share “too much information” or TMI for short; others are posting their sonogram images, hospital photos and their every emotion along the way. Recently, information has come out about the positive effects that an active social network can have on a new mom. It’s not just about having a laugh over a poopy mishap or oohing and ahhing over the new Carter’s onesie her child has on. It’s more than just finding the best new products or learning about innovative brands like JJ Cole.  For new moms, Facebook is an additional source of support and positive feedback.

A recent eMarketer article does a great job of summing up this idea,

Moms—particularly first-timers—are at a life stage when they must quickly learn a lot of new information about baby care and products, and the internet is the ideal research library, explained BabyCenter SVP and global publisher Michael Fogarty. “There is so much to deal with, so many decisions and choices to make,” he said. “They are going to connect with other moms at a higher rate because they want to validate their decisions with other moms.”

We found in our research that 50% of the new moms we surveyed would like more help from their spouse when it comes to emotional support and understanding, compared to only 38% of experienced moms.  It’s important to realize that new dads are also seeking support during this transitional time, and not every mom has a spouse or partner. So it makes great sense that Facebook is able to provide new moms a way to connect with others and receive often instantaneous support and feedback.

A smaller study from Family Relations journal found that almost all new moms had uploaded pictures of their baby. In addition, 93% of those moms acknowledged that their photo was likely to get a “like” or comment. These moms also reported higher levels of satisfaction in their parenting roles.

One takeaway for brands is to recognize this avenue for support and be present in the ways a new mom appreciates. Provide information; yes, but also be cognizant of a new mom’s need for emotional support. Create an experience for new moms and their friends and family to share stories and photos with one another. Develop a space where new and experienced moms can engage. Offer advice, but don’t forget to seek advice too, from real new moms who are going through the joys and challenges of motherhood firsthand. Be a part of her social support system, and build loyalty for years to come.