New moms need support. Your brand can help.

Research, along with common sense, tells us that new moms need support. They are experiencing possibly the biggest life change and new challenges, all with less time on their hands. By providing a new mom support at this pivotal point in her life, a long-lasting connection can be made between mom and brand. Here are a few ways that brands can help new moms in their new role:

Through product
Many brands in baby and household categories are already supporting moms through their product benefits alone. The Swiffer is a great example of a product that has changed moms’ lives for the better by making cleaning up quicker and easier. Other moms have gone out and created products like Snack-Trap to solve their unmet needs. In addition, brands like Huggies and Disney have invited moms to contribute ideas and be part of new product development.

Through services
You don’t have to be in the business of making baby gear or cleaning supplies to be able to support a new mom. Brands can also contribute by providing services that support moms. Brockton Neighborhood Health Center in Massachusetts recently opened a Baby Café staffed with health care professionals and counselors to guide new moms on taking care of their infants, and themselves. The café provides a peaceful atmosphere with refreshments and one-on-one support that some women would not have access to otherwise.

Through content
Our research confirmed that new moms in particular are actively seeking, and even appreciate information from brands in multiple categories. It’s no secret that content is crucial, and with relevance and authenticity, it can be a huge opportunity for brands to make a deeper connection. Some brands have chosen to identify moms as their spokespeople; others have formed partnerships with existing content generators. Regardless of strategy, brands that provide new moms with information are giving them support, which in turn begins to build trust.