Holiday Shopping: New Moms with a New Perspective

This time of year, most of our attention is on the holidays – finding that perfect gift, wrapping presents, making time for holiday parties, baking… the list goes on and on. For singles and couples without children, and also families with older children, the holiday season could be considered in a sense, as crazy as it may seem, fairly routine. There’s a certain pattern to how consumers approach the holidays. But for a new mom – the holidays simply take on new meaning.

Time becomes important. New moms are already time-starved, so the holidays can mean total overload for her. Gone are the days of marathon shopping trips. Getting out to the mall is increasingly difficult. Online shopping at any hour is helpful. And retailers who offer “extras” like free shipping or gift wrapping for young families might just win her loyalty.

Traditions become important. A new mom may choose to carry on the same traditions she had as a child with her own new family or create brand new traditions with her own children. Brands that understand the importance that tradition plays in the family unit and offer meaningful ways to capture and connect on that level, again, are remembered and highly regarded by this new kind of shopper – a new mom.

New moms describe themselves as a new kind of family now, and because of that, the holidays now have a different meaning. In this video, some of EMA’s New Moms describe how things have changed for their families since having children, including their views on the holiday shopping season and what’s most important.