New moms enjoy toy shopping—especially in the Big Apple

According to parenting.com, the average middle-income family spends roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life. Bundle.com was curious to find out which cities spoiled their children the most, by doing a study to determine how much of these expenditures were potentially being made on toys.

The result? Manhattan and Brooklyn claim the top two spots in the ranking, proving that babies from the Big Apple make out better than those from anywhere else in the country when it comes to stocking up on toys—their parents spend almost two times the U.S. average!

Nashville, TN represents the middle of the road, lower than cities such as Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; and Fort Lauderdale, FL; but ahead of Chicago, IL; Charlotte, NC; San Franscico, CA; and Seattle, WA. Toy-starved tots may be residing in Columbus, OH; St. Paul, MN; and Madison, WI; which round out the bottom of the rankings.

What does this mean for marketers? Maybe it’s time for toy brands to make a stronger impact in the Midwest, where the spending average is lower. (perhaps due to the appeal of the great outdoors?) According to EMA’s proprietary study on New Moms across the country, shopping for toys became more enjoyable for most women who are first-time mothers, moreso than shopping for food or clothing. Targeting the new moms in higher-ranking cities could continue to leverage the joy of shopping, while targeting them in the lower-ranking cities could uncover new opportunities for first-time moms to discover the joy of toy-shopping.

After all, moms and toys have the same end-goal in mind – to bring happiness to children. Toy marketers that can connect those dots for moms will likely see greater success.