Mother’s Day findings may shock first-time expectant dads.

72604_Agbill_NewMomsSurveyImageRev_300x270According to a recent study conducted by the EMA New Moms specialty group, nearly 60% of first-time pregnant moms expect to receive a gift on Mother’s Day. However, the same percentage of first-time expectant dads are clueless about the gift giving.

“The fact that both parents have two very different reactions to this question of what first-time pregnant moms expect on Mother’s Day suggests that brands need to help moms get the recognition they crave,” said Sandy Gingerich, EMA senior partner and New Moms team leader.

Expecting women who didn’t receive a gift on Mother’s Day said they felt “unappreciated.” What gives for dads? When asked why they didn’t purchase a gift for their pregnant significant other, most men simply said they “didn’t think about it.”

But moms aren’t looking to be spoiled here. When given a list of Mother’s Day gift options, most said they’d like to receive a card, flowers or “nothing specific, it’s the thought that counts.”

“Mother’s Day is the one time of the year when consumers and retailers turn their attention to mom, but the survey results tell us we can’t forget the moms-to-be,” added Gingerich. “There’s a great opportunity here for brands to reach out to the partners of first-time expectant moms and remind them that a little acknowledgment goes a long way toward helping expectant moms feel more excited about their impending arrivals.”

Bottom line for first-time expectant dads? Don’t drop the ball. Add a calendar reminder. Tie a string around your finger. Do whatever you have to do to let your soon-to-be mom know that she’s appreciated.

EMA conducted the What Expectant Moms Expect on Mother’s Day study nationwide among more than 400 individual men and women who were expecting their first child during Mother’s Day.