More Millennial Moms Choose Singlehood

For Millennials, having children outside of marriage is very much “the new normal,” as the New York Times once put it.

This follows from a study tracking the first wave of Millennials to become parents, where a team from Johns Hopkins University recently found that 64 percent of mothers gave birth at least once out of wedlock. Almost one-half had all of their children without ever exchanging vows.

Since women hold the most purchasing power, this new single mom niche can’t be ignored if you want to grow your brand.

Other helpful insights:

• Millennial women are choosing to be single moms versus being “forced” to.

• Over 52% of Millennials think being a good parent is one of the most important things in life.

• Only 30% of this same Millennial group think choosing the right partner is as important.

What does this all mean to your brand? Three things:

• You cannot afford to ignore Millennial moms. As one of the most connected groups in society, if they perceive you as a brand that “gets” their needs and lifestyle, you’ll be rewarded with lots of word of mouth and referrals.

• Millennial women select the single life by choice, which is highly empowering to them. Being in charge of their lives and the lives of their children gives them even more “marketing value” than traditional parents.

• Millennial moms totally embrace technology and love a brand that will help make their life easier and provide value to their family. They’ll share your name with other moms via digital media. Win them over and win increased sales.

Conclusion: Engage single Millennial moms today and win loyal brand advocates for life.