Mom’s to-do list means marketing opportunities (for you)

This blog post from Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media and author of numerous books on marketing to moms got our attention. Ms. Bailey points out the breadth of product and service categories who have an opportunity to influence Mom’s brand preferences and her purchase decisions by providing the right solutions at the right time. We think it’s even more challenging (and a huge opportunity for brands) when it comes to the impact a new baby has on a New Mom’s scouting, shopping and buying behaviors. Consider even just one of the categories on Mom’s “to-do” list identified by Ms. Bailey: summer travel.  As a single adult, or half a couple, a woman’s travel decisions may follow this train of thought: How far and how exotic can we go in the time we have? How do we maximize the adventure? What kinds of activities can I do? What’s the nightlife? Will there be other people there to meet and hang out with? Do we want to invite others to go with us?

Now consider the decision tree when that same woman (and customer) becomes a New Mom: How far can we comfortably travel with a baby? How can we make the travel process easier? How do we structure our activities to do the things we want to do and also make sure the baby stays on her schedule? Will there be other families there? Should we bring Grandma or the nanny with us?

Imagine how a travel brand like Celebrity Cruises might engage differently with a New Mom to gain her business, and her loyalty.