Marketing to a World of Superwomen

Recently, the box office record for largest opening weekend from a female director was shattered when “Wonder Woman,” a movie centered around a fierce female hero, earned over $103 million. Consistently showing up on the news ticker is the subject of gender wage gaps and strides being made to rectify income differences between women and men. Modern feminism is a topic that has been heating up — specifically over the last several months.

Because of the mass amount of coverage on modern feminism in the press, on social media and beyond, young girls’ impressions of what womanhood looks like nowadays is vastly different than it was even just a few years ago. These girls look up to their mothers and rely on them to support those strong female figures in the media who are helping to move perceptions in the right direction.

To shine brighter than the rest among this influential group of women, brands must learn to be truly authentic when connecting on a personal level with this audience. One of the three main pillars of EMA’s Brand as Friend® marketing philosophy is affection. Branching from that main pillar are three friendship drivers — caring, listening and surprise.

Brands must show they care by supporting the initiatives and causes these women are passionate about. Companies must listen to the needs of this audience and occasionally surprise them with something new and interesting. Young, impressionable girls who see their moms supporting brands that care about them on a personal level will follow that example when they are older and choosing the types of brands they will support.

Women have always been and continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Some women are the sole breadwinners, while some are a main pillar of support, but a majority of women are the decision makers when it comes to purchases for their families and their homes. If you are a brand, make sure you’re supporting these women, as they could hold the key to your success.