Laugh a little!

Lighten up!

Doctors agree that laughter can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even help improve memory. Funny videos account for some of the most watched videos on YouTube. Parenting comedy has risen in popularity with countless blogs, videos, books and TV shows all aiming to provide some humor to the subject.

We know new moms in particular are stressed and at times feel overwhelmed about their new role as a parent. Why not use laughter to connect with mom and give her a quick break in her day? More and more brands have started to dabble in some mom-comedy, and that’s not a bad idea.

Here are a few quick tips for taking the comedic plunge:

Know your brand
Is your brand all about making mom’s life easier? Or maybe your products allow her to make healthier choices for her family? Bringing out the humor in everyday situations is a great way to connect with mom. Know your audience to make it meaningful, and keep on par with your brand to stay relevant.

Provide support
Comedy helps a new mom to realize she’s not alone out there and it’s okay to make mistakes. Motherhood is a journey with never ending lessons along the way.

Keep it tasteful
Don’t go overboard with anything too extreme or raunchy – you don’t want to risk losing a loyal customer over a joke gone wrong.