Laggards: Stubborn about Sustainability

Can you change your prospect’s mind about going green? EMA’s new proprietary research study suggests no.

We surveyed more than 300 corporate decision-makers to understand the drivers and barriers of implementing energy-efficient initiatives or purchases. The results have provided insights to help marketers implement strategies that can accelerate the purchase cycle of their products and services.

Before you start a conversation with your prospect the Laggard, let us share some insights on their mindset.

If you like making pitches to a brick wall, you’ll like talking to Laggards about energy-efficient, eco-friendly or sustainability practices. They run successful businesses, but simply just don’t care about making green solutions part of their strategy (they may even be against it).

Laggards believe that energy-efficiency and sustainability efforts will make no impact on their business. They don’t believe in global climate change and see making a change as taking risks which are dangerous. They’re unlikely to adopt energy-efficiency or sustainability efforts in the future.

Here are some insights from our survey on Laggards:

  • A whopping 44% do not use any green products.
  • Only 3% measure energy consumption.
  • Just 13% say they are very/extremely likely to adopt an energy-efficient or sustainability project in the future.

If your prospect falls in the Laggard category, it’s probably time to move on. It might be wise to bypass this prospect and reallocate your efforts to a company that’s more open to environmental stewardship and energy-efficient initiatives.

Our research reinforces that marketers would be hard pressed to change Laggards’ minds. One approach we can take to promote energy-efficient adoption — to get less “fight” and more “switch” — is to focus heavily on cost savings.