Kid Stuff is Accessorizing Corner Offices

Power suits have paired up with a new accessory — rubber band bracelets from Rainbow Loom. This fashionable new combo is being spotted in office elevators, commuter trains and courtrooms nationwide.

Until his grandkids got a Rainbow Loom kit, banking regulator Ralph Fatigate had never even owned a bracelet. Now he has nine, all made of tiny colorful rubber bands. And he wears them proudly before powerful banking VIPs in boardrooms around the world.

These bracelets are all the rage among tweens, as well as crafters as young as kindergarten. Businessmen, who can’t say no to a special gift from kids or grandkids, are catching on and are even getting comfortable wearing these tokens of love to work, carefully matching them with their conservative suits and power ties.

Called “the hottest trend out there right now” by Andrej Suska, president and CEO of the Craft & Hobby Association, the bracelets have helped Michaels Stores Inc., which is the exclusive big-box retailer for the Original Rainbow Loom Kit, achieve its biggest quarterly same-store sales increase in eight years.

The braided bracelets have even made it to Hollywood. ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel, a father of two, earlier this year wore a suit made entirely of Rainbow Loom bands on his show to auction off for charity.

So what’s behind this burgeoning bracelet success? Toy trend specialists note that parents love the fact that the activity gives kids a break from screen time. Plus, it helps today’s more hands-on dads connect with their children when they’re away from home.

Which brings us to one conclusion: Kid stuff is serious business. Is there a crafting idea or exclusive activity that your brand or store can capitalize on to create a new trend? How can you and your team embrace kid stuff to inspire unique experiences and increase sales?