Keep It Trendy: The Roundup Pitch

PR pros know that pitching isn’t easy — it’s a craft. And with the constant influx of news clogging reporters’ inboxes, it’s essential to make sure a pitch is worth reading. We all know the basics — keep it short, sweet and to the point; know the reporter and what they cover; tie in current, trending topics, etc. — but, how can PR pros and clients get more bang for their buck? The roundup pitch — a pitch featuring multiple clients and that speaks to a single topic or idea.

Everyone loves a good trend. Creating trends through agency roundup pitching provides PR pros with the opportunity to realize a larger story with greater visibility and impact. At the same time, it affords individual clients the chance to be part of trending topic coverage that they would be unlikely to achieve on their own. Agency pros provide clients with the benefit of being insightful enough to make connections that result in newsworthy opportunities. It’s all about finding the common thread among various clients that weaves them into the larger story.

For example, as we head into the summer, why not focus on escapes for the nautical enthusiast? Taking a look at the client roster, you might have more than one set on the oceanfront, offering unique water activities that are distinctive to their destinations. Other ideas might include the best poolside cabanas, refreshing summer cocktail recipes, spa treatments that utilize ingredients only available this time of year, or the best kid-friendly hotels for summertime family escapes.

We’ve identified the trend. Now, it’s up to us to sell the idea. A carefully crafted pitch that plays to a timely topic and highlights the nautical-inspired elements of each destination will (fingers crossed) grab the reporter’s attention. The beauty of it is, the trend with all of the supporting examples is right at the reporter’s fingertips. It’s not necessary for the writer to look elsewhere to round out the story idea — we’ve already done the work.

The best part of all this? It really works. Through roundup pitching we’ve secured placements for our clients in major outlets, including Forbes, USA Today, InStyle, Vogue, Pursuitist and more with a variety of creative pitch content. Past pitches touted the best bets for the Super Bowl, rounding up appetizer recipes from EMA chefs; top escapes for the thrill seeker — shark diving anyone?; Vitamin D-infused spa treatments tied to Skin Cancer Prevention Month; supersaver Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals; Leap Day promotions; eco-friendly travel destinations; and the list goes on and on.

Let us do what we do best — tell your story in a context that yields positive coverage. We promise you won’t regret it.