Is “Connected Medicine” the harbinger of “Connected B2B”?

Read a very interesting piece from the Wall Street Journal that began, “If any one word defines where heath care is heading, it’s this: connectivity.” So what’s this say about the future of B2B? Well, then this followed: “Rather than gather data about patients that just sits in their medical records, the aim is to mine that data to identify areas for improvement and create novel solutions.”  You can find the article here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-connected-medicine-is-becoming-vital-to-health-care-1435243250 .So, what if we agency B2Bs were connected to client B2Bs in real time. What if our smartphones equaled open pipes to important data of the day, week, month. We could watch schedules, budgets, leads and conversions, then text about them, pull data up from storage, collaborate, compare and change. Relationships would be more fluid yet focused. Tighter and timely. OK, that sound like connection at the hip? Maybe. And maybe that’s not bad. Maybe agencies would have to make bigger commitments to clients. And vice versa. Maybe it wouldn’t be a world of “suppliers,” rather a ecosystem of committed partners. A boon rather than bother. It could happen.