Connect with the “kinda, sort of, somewhat” green-conscious new mom

New moms are interested in buying green or organic, but many new moms are still not actively purchasing green or organic products. Our research found that 37% of new moms said they don’t usually buy environmentally friendly or green products. When we asked new moms what would make you want to purchase environmentally friendly products, 70% said “the products are healthier for my child.” This tells us that there is intent and desire to purchase organic and green products, but purchase barriers like price may be stopping her.

In fact, the new moms we talked to were very candid about their thoughts when it comes to green products in-store. One new mom said “I want my kid to grow up healthy. Customers are aware that products marked “green” or “healthy for the environment” aren’t necessarily healthy for the environment. You just want to sell things for a higher price so you lie.”

So if you are a natural, green or environmentally friendly brand, how can you connect with new moms?

Don’t try to be everything to everyone
If you have natural ingredients, focus on that. If your products are safer and better for the environment, make that known. Focus on the most relevant and factual features of your product. New moms are smart investigators, and as you read above, they don’t like to be deceived.

Tell her why
Often brands use icons and visual tools to help their consumers easily scan products and recognize their benefits. With such an abundance of green, environmentally friendly, natural, and organic icons out there, it can be overwhelming to a new mom who is trying to make the best choices for her baby. Icons are great, but don’t forget to speak to her like you would a friend, “the natural ingredients are safer for baby’s skin.” Tell her why to choose your brand, just be sure you can back up any claims you make.

Aisle jump
Often the most loved organic brands are tucked away in the “natural” or “green” section of the grocery store. Use partnerships and cross-promotions where possible to get out of that sacred section. We know that consumers sometimes associate the organic section with “being expensive,” so jump around!

Interested in additional findings about green-conscious new moms and the products they are purchasing? Email me at jchapman@mower.com.