How to reach the hyper connected new mom

It’s 7:45 am. Beth sits in her office, turns on her laptop, places her smartphone on the desk, and turns on iTunes. Between texting her nanny detailed instructions for naptime with her 10-month-old; she scans through a few work emails. Open Internet Explorer, time to divert away and check personal emails for a few minutes. Beth deletes a few regular retailer emails, but notices her favorite grocery store’s email subject line says “$1 off coupon inside.” It’s for $1 off seafood and she was already planning on picking up salmon for the weekend. Print. Back to work emails, Beth receives a large file she’s been waiting for. While downloading she decides to kill time by paying a credit card bill online. A message pops up on her phone, “It’s your turn on Words with Friends.” Beth responds to a co-worker’s IM about the morning meeting, while simultaneously checking the latest on Facebook. It’s 7:55 am.

What you have just read is a snapshot of 10 minutes in the life of the hyper connected new mom. She’s vigilant, social, rushed, and has the tools to help her do more in a fast and efficient way. Gone are the days of having to wait in a customer service line to pay your utility bill, or only seeing photos of your friend’s kids via the annual holiday card. With so much going on in a new mom’s daily life, is there room for brands to be part of her world? How can you craft messages that will resonate with her and insert them at entry points that will reach her? Here are three things to keep in mind:

Easy to digest information
New moms are constantly on information overload, so we have to wonder: Do new moms value information from brands, or is it simply annoying? We uncovered that new moms appreciate brands providing information in specific categories, particularly when it comes to products for baby and children. Think of this way, you are driving to a town you’ve never been to before… you start to wonder if you’ve gone too far or should just turn around, when a large, easy to read sign appears. You’ve found the town. That feeling is a connection moment, a sigh of relief, maybe even a sense of accomplishment. Want new moms to have a connection moment with your brand? Provide her with relevant content she can use and she will appreciate you for it!

Provide a direct route, not a maze
Have a special offer to communicate or relevant content for new mom? Make her journey simple and enjoyable. Don’t take her to 10 different web pages in order to find your message. Beth has but a couple of minutes to spare, so if she’s interested in what you have to say, make the next step smooth.

Channel Surf
We’re not talking about flipping from Ellen to Project Runway and back to American Idol. No, we’re talking about testing the waters in various communication channels. The key word here is test. With so many new opportunities popping up each day, it can be easy to jump on the bandwagon of the latest tech savvy medium. There’s iAds, e-readers, QR codes, in-game ads, social networks, and online communities to consider. Monitoring and tracking tools are available to help us brand people make smarter decisions and optimize our messaging—so take advantage of them.

For more information on creating connection moments or monitoring your messages, drop us a line!