How to Promote Content Marketing Efforts

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Let’s put a marketing spin on it: If a story is posted on your website and no one is told about it, does it make an impact?

The answer is, overwhelmingly, no. And zero views on your content translates to wasted time and money.

According to this report from the Content Marketing Institute, only 42% of B2B marketers and 34% of B2C marketers believe their content marketing efforts are as effective as they’d like. If your brand is creating original content but doing little more than publishing it, it’s time to get excited — because there’s a lot you can do to get it noticed.

  1. Leverage Social Media: If your company is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or G+, these are natural places to post links to your content. These are also great places to gain insights into your prospects — check out their pages to see what they’re currently thinking and reading as a way to develop ideas for new content. Ask your followers and connections to read, share and engage. On Instagram, share an image that represents the nature of your content. On YouTube, create a short video of the author sharing content highlights, with a call to action to visit your website for more.
  2. Create an E-Newsletter: Email is a powerful tool that your company is probably already using to alert customers of special promotions, upcoming events or important news. It’s smart to use this tool to promote your content as well. Customers want to be informed — and what better source of information is there than your company?
  3. Engage Staff and Business Partners: Never underestimate the power of your own people. Every time a new piece of content is published, share it with your staff. For example, target your distribution channel and salesforce. It will help them learn more about your industry and business and encourage further sharing.
  4. Pitch Stories: Consider what industry trade publications would be interested in your story and pitch it. Most media outlets have a strict policy on publishing only original content. Consider asking a marketing partner to help you rewrite, repurpose and fine-tune your stories for pitching appropriate trade media.

If you’re already creating content, use these tactics to support your efforts. If you’re just diving into content marketing, we’ve written a great introduction.