How to Lose Your Twitter Followers in 10 Easy Steps

Hordes of experts are anxious to offer tips for conquering the Twitterverse, but it is often better to know what not to do. Here are 10 guaranteed ways to lose followers and an opportunity to engage with people who matter to your business. If the blunders below describe your tweetstream, take comfort — most mistakes can be easily fixed.

Blunder 1: Limit tweets to one per month

While quality will always trump quantity, a brand should maintain a presence and personality, rising above the clutter. Hit the “tweet spot” of around four to six per day.

Misstep 2: Never engage

Conversations with customers, employees and friends of your brand will build relationships and create genuine loyalty.

Fail 3: Only tweet about your business

Interesting companies tweet about hot-button industry topics and retweet compelling thoughts by experts. Light-hearted banter with followers, and praising employee accomplishments, gives humanity to an organization.

No-No 4: Use all 140 characters per tweet

Shorter tweets get 17 percent higher engagement than longer ones. One hundred characters is ideal.

Error 5: Ignore negative comments

A responsible brand addresses concerns in a timely manner as followers look on, appreciating the company’s willingness and ability to resolve difficult situations. If an issue lingers, use the direct message feature or take it offline.

Foul-up 6: Beg for retweets and follows

Followers obtained organically will likely stay longer. Providing valuable content is the best way to gain respect, recognition and unprompted retweets.   

Mistake 7: Forget about hashtags

Twitter handles more search queries per month than Yahoo and Bing combined, making hashtags more important than ever. Tags aggregate all posts about your company, enabling continuous monitoring of your online presence. Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without.

Doh! 8: Post loooooong links

Bit.ly and other URL shorteners save space, giving followers the ability to use more characters in retweets with comments. They also serve as valuable measurement tools.

Mess-up 9: Don’t publicize your Twitter account

Social media integration has become essential. Brands will increase Twitter followers by sharing handles on their websites, Facebook pages, email signatures, blogs and company news releases.

Bungle 10: Hit the “tweet” button before proofing

Grammar and spelling matter, even on social media platforms. Brands should take their time before publishing to ensure accuracy and good judgment. Count to three before sending!