How to Fuel Product Innovation & Adoption: Interview with Mower Experts

Mower’s John Favalo and Donna Ricciardi recently sat down with batterii — an innovation collaborative design software provider—to talk about product innovation and adoption in the buildings and construction industry.

Both John and Donna have a breadth and depth of experience in B2B marketing — specifically in the power and specialty tools, building materials, electrical devices and architectural and interior design categories.

There are two key lessons brands should consider if they’re looking to fuel product innovation and adoption:

  1. You Can Never Spend Too Much Time with End Users. The rising age of the workforce—on professional job sites in particular—is a significant challenge, and opportunity, for building products and tools brands. Being more design-driven and better understanding the changing user base can help brands innovate and design better products and offer different services and solutions as part of their “innovation package.”
  1. Reject the “Six Dirty Words” that Hold Back Product Adoption. The Six Dirty Words in construction, or construction marketing specifically, are hearing, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ When making decisions, contractors like to use what has worked in the past. Knowing this can help with approaches to innovation, product design, and better ways to reach and influence the targeted audiences. 

Hop on over to the batterii blog to read the full story: http://bit.ly/1WcZpsw