How to Build Better Social Media Engagement

The two things you need to know about social media (seriously only two):

1.    Create “thumb-stopping” content.

Get in the feed. Get them to stop! Understanding the type of content that grabs your audiences’ attention creates opportunities for brands to duplicate or up-level that content experience. The right content in a newsfeed creates thumb-stopping consumer engagement that is priceless to building your social relevance among a target audience. Brands like Taco Bell are among the very best at creating content that entertains and gets people talking.

How do you do that? Listen. Use a social media analytics tools to better understand trends, pop culture and the topics, interests and conversations of your target audience. Take a look at how those conversations differ in each platform. What content format drives those conversations? And then start creating it. Measure what works. And do it again and again.

2.    Get ’em at the right time.

Like most things, timing is everything in social. It’s essential to understand how your consumer uses various channels to get information that he or she needs. And depending on your brand, you may want to steer clear of your customers when they’re in a state of need, searching for breaking news, sports scores or getting quick-hit information. The desired time is typically when a consumer is using his or her screen to kill time and replace boredom. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but the point is to know when your consumer wants to engage with you. By tracking and analyzing your data, you can pinpoint those times and create more effective programs.

If you want to hear more about how to create thumb-stopping content and deliver it to your customer base at just the right moment, please give us a call. We can help you pinpoint the right content and deliver it at the right time!