How Brands Can Become BFFs with the First-Time Moms of Today

What do “new” new moms look like?

The face of first-time moms has changed a lot over the past few decades. In fact, some new moms aren’t moms at all — they’re dads. Motherhood is no longer about gender or age — it’s a frame of mind.

New Mom BAF Stat 1 New Mom BAF Stat 1

How “new” new moms think, feel and shop.

Just as the definition of a new mom has evolved, so have new moms’ relationships with retailers. Eric Mower + Associates has conducted proprietary research exploring how all kinds of parents approach shopping today.

4 of 10 Mom Seen Themselves Portrayed in Ads4 of 10 Mom Seen Themselves Portrayed in Ads

 Are retailers being a friend to ALL TYPES of new moms?

We asked young moms, older moms, stay-at-home dads and LGBT parents which retailers really made an effort to include all family types in their messaging and/or product choices. Their top three answers were Amazon, Target and Walmart.

New Mom Quote to RetailersNew Mom Quote to Retailers

Brand As Friend

At EMA, we believe that brands can have a higher purpose in moms’ lives by reaching the status of “friend.”  We call this philosophy, “Brand as Friend.” And the best way to build this friendship is through affection, relevance and trust. EMA can help your brand build these qualities by leveraging nine key drivers — honesty, story, style, listening, advising, caring, surprise, connecting and loyalty — into your marketing strategies and brand communications.

Retailers That Have Achieved “Friend” Qualities With New Moms



Key takeaways from EMA’S “New Moms” research

Key Takeaway Brands

Key Takeaway Brands

Opportunities for your brand

You can use the “friendships” new moms have with retailers to your brand’s advantage. We’d love the chance to show you how — and to provide you with further insights and “new moms” marketing expertise that will help you win “Best Friend” status for your own brand.

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