Help new moms declare independence for their children

This might sound counterintuitive. After all, doesn’t every new mom want her precious and amazing bundle to stay a precious and amazing bundle forever?

Not so much. After the excitement settles, every new mom is struck with the realization that this brand new baby relies one hundred percent on her for food, clothing, soothing and so much more.

Fortunately, along come the “terrible twos” and little ones proclaim “I do it myself.” As new moms try to help their offspring spring into self-sufficiency, here are a few ways your brand or store can help:

• If you’re a making or selling clothes, consider color-coded tags that teach children what clothes match so they can dress themselves everyday. Make or stock clothes that are easy for kids to manipulate, so they’re not frustrated by buttons or snaps. Maybe even place clothing on lower racks in store, so children can shop easier with mom and make decisions about what they want to wear?

• Brushing teeth, washing faces and hands and combing hair also encourage independence. Consider bundling these products in one area in-store, or even partner with other brands to package a “My First Care Kit.” Or, feature an Independence Day sale on toothbrushes and child grooming essentials to show mom that you understand her needs and want to help her be a better mom.

• Children also demonstrate their independence by eating. If you’re in the snack or breakfast category, search for new, exciting and healthy ways for kids to have DIY packs such as peanut butter and crackers with a small plastic butter knife or pourable, portion-controlled containers that let them eat on the go.

• Grocery stores: create kid-fun-and-friendly fruit containers to go that moms can grab on the way to day care. Why not theme them around sports, sea creatures, or animal favorites so kids will encourage mom to “Collect them all!”?

Happy Independence Day! With your help, a new mom can sit back and watch her child discover his or her world on his or her own terms. (And even enjoy a little freedom herself!)