Grandparents Day—More Than a Hallmark Holiday

Most of us assume that Grandparents Day is the profitable creation of greeting card companies and florists. Turns out that its origin is decidedly noncommercial.

Grandparents Day — celebrated on September 7 this year — goes back to 1956. While planning a community celebration for the 80+ crowd, West Virginia mother Marian McQuade discovered an unacceptable reality: that too many nursing home residents in town had been forgotten by their families. She proposed a holiday to honor all grandparents.

Marian’s dream came true in 1973 when West Virginia celebrated Grandparents Day for the first time. In 1978, it was declared a national holiday.

Grandparents Day… it’s a day for celebrating the connections between the generations. What an ideal way for your brand to connect with Millennial Moms.

Here’s why:

  • Millennials consider grandmothers as the second mothers to their newborns. With 51% of Millennial Moms being single mothers, and 71% of women being working mothers, is it any surprise that many children are being cared for primarily by a grandparent?
  • There’s a close bond between Millennial women and their mothers. The Millennial woman rarely makes a large purchase or life decision without consulting her mom. So Grandparents Day is a great day for her to present Mom with a relevant gifting experience.

Here’s how:

  • Consider promoting Grandparents Day, or First Grandparents Day, to Millennial Moms. We suggest connecting via online or mobile. Or give her special discounts or pin ideas for unique gift ideas on Pinterest.
  • Layer in a charitable overlay for an organization that champions the grandparent/grandchild connection.
  • Throw Grandma a First Grandparents Day offer, too. With some 75% of Boomer grandparents involved in the raising of their grandchildren, and using that disposable income on Junior, you can’t afford to ignore the purchasing power of grandparents.

Can your brand profit by making Grandparents Day a part of your seasonal marketing calendar? Give it a try and let us know what works.