From new mom to working mom in 3 months.

For any woman returning from maternity leave – one core thing holds true: Those precious weeks at home with baby fade fast. Ridiculously fast. Consider these six tips to help new moms cut down on back-to-work chaos.

  1. If mom’s return date is flexible, she may avoid the decision as long as possible. If you’re in the business of parent coaching or human resources, encourage a new mom to look at all her options and help her pitch an ideal back-to-work plan to her employer or boss. Once she’s set the date in stone, everyone feels better. Oh, and encourage her to return to work mid-week, instead of a Monday. It makes the transition just that much easier.
  2. Nanny? In-home day care? Accredited childcare center? Every new mom has to figure out what works best for her family, her schedule and her budget. If you’re in the business of offering these services, understand that mom will be visiting many day cares, interviewing nannies and asking a ton of questions. Show her how you and your staff interact with her child. Take time to ask about what’s most important to her. Make her feel comfortable by encouraging her to do lots of research and trust herself in making the decision that’s right for her and her baby.
  3. Since a new mom may be a little rusty on certain back to work skills, like applying makeup, walking in heels, let’s be honest — wearing spit-up-free clothes, retailers could consider a “back to work moms” section in the baby aisle. Convenient products for easy hair styling, simple makeup application, multi-tasking and healthy work snacks can all be featured in this area. New moms will say “Yeah baby” to the one stop shopping.
  4. A new mom wants to stay connected to her baby… and shutters and the thought of missing any one of those famous firsts: smile, giggle, word, step. If you run a daycare, consider offering streaming video on your website.
  5. Back-to-work new moms also want to connect with other moms who can commiserate about the guilt of being away from her baby. Trusted baby brands might consider adding an online engagement group on their websites, so new moms know they’re not alone.
  6. Emotions will run wild with a new mom those first days away from baby. Your brand can help her relax, and focus on her work, if you target her with easy meal ideas, quick and fun play ideas after work, or easier cleaning rituals that will let her put off vacuuming for more playtime. Remind her often – it’s not about the quantity of time she spends with her baby, it’s about the quality of that time.

Consider integrating a few ideas into your business or brand. They’ll work hard for building loyalty with mom for years to come.