From Expectant to Experienced

Until recently, I still considered myself a new mom. Then I received a survey targeted at new moms and learned that since my oldest is turning six, I no longer hold new mom status. Surprisingly, this disappointed me. I liked identifying with the new mom group. Talking to a fellow new mom and sharing the same experiences, fears, joys and triumphs is something that no one but a mom could understand. It always created a unique bond.

But then while grocery shopping with my youngest, I had a realization. I don’t act like a new mom anymore. There my one-year-old was sitting in the shopping cart without one of those cushy, fabric covers on it. I would never have allowed that with my first baby. As a working mom of three, I have small windows of time to get anything done. So what’s quickest and easiest usually takes priority for me (while keeping my child’s best interest in mind, of course).

From a brand standpoint, I already know what works. I would never question my diaper brand or fall for some new marketing campaign. I already tested different diaper brands with my first baby. Even when my second child was born, a boy, I still stuck with the same brand even though I had heard rumors that some brands were better for girls versus boys. When my youngest child stopped nursing, I didn’t have to test all the sippy cup brands to see what worked best. No more experimenting. I confidently stuck by the same brand I used for her sister and brother.

I know how to get my baby to sleep and which mobile works. I am not bothered with monitors like my new mom friends who spend each evening watching their little one’s every move on video monitors as they sleep. I know my daughter is okay and I have two other kids to take care of once she goes down. I also don’t worry whether my baby fits into the stage each marketer tells me is appropriate for the type of food or toy they sell. I know what she can eat without choking and which toys are appropriate for her at what age.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty of firsts as a mom. In the past year I have experienced the first day of kindergarten, first school supply list, first ballet recital, first teacher gifts, first soccer game — and with those came a whole new slew of brands to explore and test. Even as an experienced mom there will always be firsts. And they will continue throughout my whole career as a mother. That’s part of what makes it so exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful and wonderful!