For new moms, it’s time to think beyond baby.

New moms can mean new opportunities for your brand. And for many brands, there’s a gap in how most talk when marketing to these moms. That’s what EMA’s New Moms Specialty Group has discovered during the course of the research that lead to our exclusive e-book.

If you’re a brand marketing to first-time moms, read up to see exactly how much research mom does before buying, what goes into her purchasing decisions and how she relates to brands that really speak to her. Plus, you’ll learn about our surprising findings and see why they could mean big things for your brand.

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Because sure, everyone knows that new moms run the gamut of emotions — from the highs of welcoming a new, adorable baby, to the lows of desperately needing sleep. But what about the in-between? How can you truly reach mom and get her to listen?

While it may seem so, a new mom isn’t just about her baby. Yes, a baby is a big deal. But there’s more to make mom tick. She’s a person. A woman. She is not just a mother. Of course she wants the best for her baby, but what about for herself? Moms want to be moms, but they also want to be a version of their former selves as well. Some of them may not realize it immediately. But after all the diapers and midnight feedings take their toll, she’ll long to be treated like more than just a caretaker.

So let’s give mom her cake and let her eat it, too. See why it’s not just about advertising to new moms — and why it pays to be her friend now.