Five ways to help new moms enjoy more magic—and less mayhem—during the holidays

Cute as he or she may be, a new baby can create stress when it comes to shopping for—and celebrating—the holidays.

Here are some mom-friendly solutions that brands and retailers can gift a new mom with to guarantee magical memories during the holiday season.

1. Travel can be a holiday hitch for new moms. Airlines: consider offering discounted direct flights or special seating areas for new moms and folks traveling with children. That will ensure friendlier skies for moms, flight crew and fellow passengers.

2. Mall managers and department stores: Consider establishing early morning or late night “Moms at the Mall” discounts? Or even “Mom Mondays” where stores distribute a comprehensive gift list that helps mom make her shopping more efficient. This will help new moms avoid mid-day and weekend crowds. Another good elf move—consider offering a free and exclusive gift wrapping area for new moms, as well as free cookies and coffee to help fuel a mom on the go.

3. Online shopping is great for new moms and most importantly – it’s feasible during nap time or evenings. Online retailers looking to create value for new moms can offer free shipping or gift wrapping. She’ll be a loyal and happy customer for life. And she’ll tell her all friends, too.

4. Photo studios…There’s no place like them for the holidays. So if your retail store has one, be sure to include and promote package deals, photo frame discounts, photo ornaments—even “Baby’s First Christmas” refrigerator magnets to help new moms deck her halls with pics of her precious new bundle. And remember – new moms love to share. So giving mom the ability to instantly share her photos on her social networks is an added bonus for her… and you.

5. No matter what your Q4 marketing plan includes to capture the new mom market, whether it’s online coupons, catalogs or store circulars for new moms, make sure your communication tone and language is helpful and reassuring. Let a new mom know that it’s okay to go the “fewer, better” gift route versus trying to drag her newborn all around town to get the hottest gift item plus stocking stuffers. After all, the best gift of the season, the one that makes it extra special for everyone, is that sweet, tiny babe she’ll bring to the party wreathed in warm and happy smiles.