Five trends that will impact marketing to moms in 2013

1. Voice of Mom
The voice of the customer is continuing to gain strides with marketers, and mom’s voice is a powerful one. In 2013, we’ll see more brands taking cues from moms when it comes to informing their marketing, store operations, and even their product development.  Successful brands like Apple and Starbucks have been integrating the voice of their customer into product development for years now. It’s about time that more consumer brands recognize the value of moms when it comes to product design, innovation and building the shopper experience.

2. Marketing to Dads too
Back in 2012 we wrote about the importance of considering dads in your marketing message. In 2013, the rise of the mansumer, as dubbed by some, will continue to expand into multiple categories. So while we often talk about strategies to reach new moms, it’s going to be increasingly important that dads are not left out of the mix. Check out BPN’s 2013 Retail Trends Report for more tips on how to craft messages that resonate with today’s male shoppers.

3. Shoppable Media
In an effort to accelerate shoppers from awareness to purchase, brands like Target and Juicy Couture have employed shoppable YouTube videos which allow a viewer to click on a product in the video and be taken immediately to the product page or have the product stored in the retailer’s cart, ready for checkout. Shoppable media is any medium that encourage customers to immediately purchase products using various technologies like embedded links, QR codes and text-to-buy technology. So far, we’ve seen this technology explored mainly by apparel and luxury goods brands. So can shoppable media work for expectant and new moms, exploring categories they’ve never purchased before? We would predict, yes – but only as part of a larger integrated strategy. New moms in particular are doing a lot of research before they purchase. On its own, shoppable media that works for an impulsive shoe purchase may not be as successful on a car seat that mom needs to diligently research and touch and feel first-hand before buying.

4. Geofencing
Geofencing has gotten some buzz over the past year, but few brands have incorporated this tactic into their overall strategy. As showrooming becomes a common customer practice, we may see more retailers and brands utilizing geofencing in an effort to defend their territory. Geofencing is a way for retailers to target smartphone users who have location services enabled on their phone with opt-in messages and deals. In turn, brands have an opportunity to partner with key retailers to target shoppers in, or within range of the store. According to eMarketer, 61% of US Moms own a smartphone, which makes them a viable group for geo-targeted offers. We also know that new moms in particular are very planned and efficient in their shopping. However, they are also very price conscious and are in deal-seeking mode. Geofencing could be a great tactic to layer into a retail-specific program when you need that extra offer to solidify mom’s purchase decision.

5. Product Experiences
Our research found that new moms, more so than experienced moms, connect with brands and products that offer them a great first trial or experience. With a growing focus on digital and using an omni-channel approach to reach shoppers, it can be easy to forget that tangible experiences are just as important as those created digitally. In 2012, we saw major brands work with partners like House Party to offer consumers in-home trial in a fun and social way. Brands that create product experiences whether through blogger outreach, sampling or in-home parties, will succeed with new moms in 2013. Remember, every day 11,000 women become new moms.  Your product doesn’t have to be new on the market, to be new to a first-time mom.