Featuring kids in Super Bowl ads is a winning strategy for three brands

Since the Seattle Seahawks pretty much had the game wrapped up after the first snap, the only thing attracting EMA moms’ attention during the big game was the lure of little kids. While there was no Darth Vader kid to capture the ultimate “Best Spot Trophy” like Volkswagen did last year, these three brands deserve big props for capturing the coveted mom audience:

  1. The Doritos Time Machine. This spot took the brand to a whole new level by communicating that the cheesy chips are about more that simply snacking. They’re about capturing a child’s imagination and creating family moments.  When Jimmy uses nacho chips to power his cardboard box time machine, he hits a chord with mom that captures a little smile of play nostalgia followed by a big laugh. Will this spot get more moms grabbing Doritos off the shelf? Who knows? But it will grab brand awareness.
  2. GoldiBlox.  What a surprise this spot was! Not only is it the first time a small business ad appeared on the big game (thanks to a competition created by Intuit) our moms found it awesome to see girl power celebrated in a typically testerone-heavy Super Bowl ad mix. And although most of us never heard of this construction and engineer kit for little girls, we’re excited about this brand and it’s message that little girls are made of more than just pretty pink princess castles and toy kitchen appliances.
  3. Cheerios. If this spot doesn’t pull a mom’s heartstring, nothing will. Kudos to General Mills for making the brand something bigger than just a bowl of  cereal. Moms will connect with this precious moment of sitting around the breakfast table, and thus connect with the Cheerios brand more than ever.

These three spots may or may not raise the needle when it comes to new sales. But they will build brand awareness thanks to big exposure on TV’s most watched day. How can your brand incorporate children and family to resonate with a bigger audience and score more results?