Expectant expectations?

A recent survey issued by our own EMA New Moms group has generated a lot of national conversation around the topic of expectant moms’ expectations about receiving a gift on Mother’s Day.

Today.com and Today Moms Facebook fans contributed their own thoughts to the conversation, while Huffington Post called on the partners of pregnant women to “listen up” too:

60 % of first time expectant moms expect a gift on Mother’s Day.

But when dads were asked if their significant other expected a Mother’s Day gift, more than 60% said no. Uh oh.

The survey delved deeper into what expectant mom’s expectations were specifically… and the answers they gave were pretty simple. The things that topped the list included:

  • Card-54%
  • Flowers-45%
  • Spa treatment-28%
  • Jewelry-19%
  • Chocolate-17%
  • Trip or getaway-12%
  • 45% chose “Nothing specific, it’s the thought that counts.”

Moral of the story – as simple as it may be – a card, a flower or even just some chocolate, it’s the thought that counts. It will be interesting to see how these expectations evolve from a brand and marketer point of view. It’s definitely an opportunity to give expectant and new moms the recognition and support they want!