EMA Launches New Buildings + Construction Webinar Series

EMA recently launched a new webinar series designed to help you better understand your customers and how you can play a bigger role in their projects. On April 30th, we held our first webinar on Workplace Design, “Trends, Issues and Influences to Watch in 2015.”

Hosted by Dr. Isilay Civan, research & innovation specialist, HOK Consulting Chicago, and Fran Ferrone, director of workplace strategy, Mancini Duffy Center for Workplace Innovation, attendees gained valuable insight on how to:

  • Capitalize on trends in mobile and activity-based offices
  • Promote the right products at the right time
  • Expand product offerings in key areas
  • Stay in tune with trends in workplace acoustics and other building features

If you missed the webinar, the full presentation is below, along with supporting materials to dive deeper into some of the information shared: