Early Adopters: Gung Ho about Going Green

Even the most enthusiastic prospects need convincing to go green. EMA’s new proprietary research study shows how you can move them from gung ho to gung GO!

We surveyed more than 300 corporate decision-makers to understand the drivers and barriers of implementing energy-efficient initiatives or purchases for their company. The results have provided insights to help marketers implement strategies that can accelerate the purchase cycle of their products and services.

Before you start a conversation with your prospect the Early Adopter, let us share some insights on their mindset. These green solution leaders:

  • Believe: Energy efficiency and sustainability are strategically important to their business.
  • Want proof: They measure consumption and program success.
  • Are forward-thinking: It’s not just about the return on investment.

Our survey shows:

  • 34% of Early Adopters agree that energy-efficiency and sustainability practices costs are strategically important to their business.
  • 62% say saving energy and reducing energy costs are very/extremely important.
  • 45% say they are likely to focus on improvements, equipment or practices to improve energy efficiency and consumption.

More than half of those surveyed review their goals on a regular basis, whether quarterly, monthly or more frequently. And they expect to see results within a specific timeframe.

What motivates Early Adopters to invest in energy-efficient or sustainability measures?

  • Cost savings: 60%
  • Environmental stewardship: 22%
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions: 19%
  • Goodwill: 17%
  • Enhanced brand reputation: 11%

However, there are barriers that marketers need to help Early Adopters overcome. Our research shows that the ability to implement was their biggest challenge. That includes everything from implementation timeframes to project complexity, from board approval to quality/reliability of products.

As marketers, it’s our job to guide Early Adopters through these challenges and help them see the proof that sustainable solutions work. To get more “switch” from Early Adopters, brands should target the influential audiences, empower prospects with information they are looking for, and help them view challenges as opportunities.