Do you know who New Moms are NOT?

With any marketing communications effort it’s important to understand who are the folks your brand wants to connect with. As an account planner, obviously I’m interested in understanding their attitudes and behavior, but it’s also a worthwhile step to know them demographically too.

Taking a quantitative look at New Moms reveals some interesting and noteworthy demographic points.  But first a quick explanation of how I approached this demographic snapshot. Using Simmons, I ran several basic demographic characteristics for New Moms (women who gave birth to their first child in the past 12 months or will be giving birth in the next 12 months to their first child), Experienced Moms (women with two or more children), and women with no children in their household. Looking at the latter two groups provide a good point of comparison for understanding New Moms from a demographic perspective.

  • About a third of New Moms are NOT white
  • Almost half of New Moms are NOT married
  • Almost half of New Moms are NOT employed

So what do these data points suggest for brands looking to connect with New Moms? Savvy brand marketers should consider who New Moms are NOT. As an example, I’ll focus on race. Although race is a still evolving notion, women of color are a sizeable portion of New Moms. Brands should consider reflecting the New Moms spectrum of “color.” Although this isn’t new news, or at least it shouldn’t be, brands often don’t know how to reflect this reality. Here are three easy steps. First, do an audit of your communications to see how you portray New Moms. Second, consider how you can add color in a meaningful way. Third, add that color. Doing so is critically important because when you see yourself, you’re more likely to feel understood and valued.

So when a brand wants to understand its audience, you can think about who they are, but sometimes equally important, think about who they are NOT.