Designing stores with a new mom in mind.

Imagine the anxiety. Amanda has just finished her shopping at Target or Walmart or her local grocery store. She’s loaded her bags into her trunk and strapped in her three-month-old son’s car seat securely in the car. (He’s fretting a little at the transfer.) But now, what to do with the shopping cart?  Be a good citizen and take the cart to the holding area that’s four parking spaces away, leaving the baby alone in the car for a few seconds? Or, guiltily glance around and abandon the cart in front of her car, all the while keeping a watchful eye on her baby? 

What is a simple act of common community courtesy actually causes a new Mom plenty of anxiety, and takes some of the pleasure out of her shopping experience. And that should be a cause for concern to retailers because new Moms actually do enjoy shopping.  EMA’s proprietary study of Moms revealed that new Moms (those with one child under the age of 2) enjoyed shopping “quite a lot” or “a great deal more” than experienced Moms in many categories, including children’s clothing, baby gear, toys, home décor and food/grocery.

Talk about a great opportunity to gain the loyalty of women who have just been promoted to family CFO.

EMA asked new Moms what retailers could do to improve the shopping experience, and boy, did they have ideas for us:

  1. Shopping carts need to better accommodate car seats and carriers.  Moms say placing the baby’s carrier in the front seat of the cart feels unstable and not safe enough. Placing it in the back of the cart means less space to hold their purchases.
  2. Make the aisles wider to accommodate a stroller. Moms need easier navigation. Wider aisles also would prevent little fingers from reaching merchandise just begging to be touched and pulled off the shelves.
  3. Offer some perks to keep babies and toddlers entertained and happy.
  4. Put all the infant and children products in the same area of the store to make it more efficient for Mom to navigate and see all her choices at once.
  5. Bring the essentials to the front of the store, again, making the shopping trip more efficient.
  6. Keep “junk food” out of reach of toddlers.

The list goes on and on.  Perhaps the most intriguing feedback we found in our research was this…  ”Give some incentives for being a mom…like Amazon’s Moms which gives 30 percent off diapers and wipes…now that’s a rewarding experience for a new Mom.”

Want to learn more about the new mom mindset as she shops?  Watch this short video: