Dear Brand: Get more out of Mother’s Day with brand new moms

In fact, consumers are expected to spend more this year on a gift for Mom—$152.52 on average, according to a survey conducted by BigInsight on behalf of the National Retail Federation. That adds up to a total spending of 18.6 billion, and new moms make up a big piece of this pie. 

What can your brand do to help new dads and other gift-givers bring home a present their rookie mom really wants? Even better, what can your brand give a new mom on Mother’s Day that she’ll remember all year long? Here are some thoughts:

• New moms love to save. Consider creating a new mom coupon book that features top-selling products in your store, from books and health and beauty items for her, to summer outfits or “mommy and me” ideas for her and baby.
• According to the National Restaurant Association, 38% of consumers go out to eat on Mother’s Day, making it the most popular day of the year to dine out. So, If you’re in the restaurant business, consider offering a special gift for first-time moms (a rose, a gift card, even a free meal). This special recognition is something she’ll eat up for years to come.
• Jewelry stores: What new mom wouldn’t cherish a ring with her first-born’s birthstone? Another gem of an idea: a locket that she can put a picture of her child inside. POS promoting these gifting ideas will make your brand the hero. 
• Say Happy Mother’s Day by helping a new mom lower her daycare costs. A new mom discount for the month of May is just what the wallet needs.
• Statistic Brain reports that 83% of dads say they take over the cooking, cleaning and other chores on Mother’s Day. Grocery stores can get new dads in the mix by offering great meal ideas, in-store bar-b-que displays and even a “Clean Up on Savings” promotion in the cleaning aisle to make sure dads get what they need to give the ultimate gift.

No matter how much or how little your brand focused on new moms this Mother’s Day, she’ll really appreciate the gift of your time and your understanding of how she thinks and what she really wants. As for next year, spend more time on new moms and watch the spending go up!

 Happy Mother’s Day,
The EMA New Moms Team

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