Could Seeing “Single” be Marketing Nirvana?

Was chatting the other day with our B2Bbrain Mary Owusu who manages analytics here at EMA . The topic was making B2B marketing more effective and what she said was not only music to the ears but beauty to the eyes. The concept of “single user view” couldn’t be more important because achieving it means you’re focused on understanding the person as a whole…on knowing more about the individual on the other side of the screen…on making business-to-business person-to-person. Easier said than done in B2B because, as yet, too few have the right data structure in place. Oh, there may be oodles of data, but seeing what you need to make more personal connections and build stronger brand friendships is like seeing gold through mud. But, Mary has great vision and knows how to look and where. More about the idea of “single user view” and its importance is here: http://www.mycustomer.com/feature/data-experience-marketing/single-customer-view-vs-single-user-view/166864