Content Marketing — Create or Curate?

Content Marketing - create or curate?

If you are working on a content-marketing program, then this question will quickly come up: “Should we develop our own content or curate it from other sources?”

Before you can answer that question, start with a good content-marketing strategy and plan that includes clearly defined business objectives, key performance indicators, as well as customer personas and insights.

It’s also critical to take stock of existing resources such as articles, white papers, case studies, customer research or videos that might be informative for customers and help generate leads. If your organization has lots of existing materials, then you might not need to curate content.

Take a very close look at your resources going forward. Do you have committed and strong content creators who can develop a steady stream of material? Do you have the support of management that allows employees to contribute on a regular basis? If not, you’re likely to need good sources of shareable content.

If your primary business objective is attracting high-quality leads, then original content creation is vital. Without the ability to directly align content with your target audience’s needs, it will be difficult to rely on curated content only. Also, the more original the content developed, the more likely it will improve your organic search ranking and not benefit the organization that developed the original content. It’s also important to note that all original content created can be repurposed without having to worry about copyrights.

However, sharing content that others have developed, if done correctly, can generate leads. But it must be more than just sharing an article on LinkedIn or retweeting it. You need to provide a point of view, make your readers care about the article and help them understand why it’s important.

Most organizations need to develop a balance between creating original content and curating it. It’s not really a question of either/or — it’s about understanding your strategy and resources and building a successful content-marketing program that will meet your business objectives.