Brand as Friend Index: Infographic

Brand As Friend(R)

Eric Mower + Associates has launched a new proprietary tool that helps marketers measure how their brands are building powerful relationships with customers. EMA’s Brand as Friend® Index illustrates how a brand performs across nine key drivers of friendship—both where it is strongest and where it needs to improve.

The Brand as Friend Index is based on a brand assessment issued to a company’s sample customer base and key internal stakeholders. Companies can also be measured against their competitors. Respondents evaluate a brand on nine key drivers: Honesty, Story, Style, Listening, Advising, Caring, Surprise, Connecting and Loyalty. When the drivers are grouped together, they form three powerful dimensions of a brand friendship: Affection, Relevance and Trust. At the end of the assessment, EMA presents the Brand as Friend Index to show a brand precisely how it rated. The ideal brand score reflects a balance of Affection, Relevance and Trust.

As part of the Brand as Friend Index launch, EMA asked 1,000 U.S. consumers to rate top retailers as they headed into the holiday shopping season. Beginning Dec. 5 on Twitter, EMA featured each driver of friendship and a brand that scored highly. In the final three days, EMA highlighted the retailers that ranked highly in Affection, Relevance and Trust. An infographic summarizes the highlights of #12DaysOfShopping.


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