Beyoncé’s car seat mishap…do you even care?

As of Monday March 19th, Beyoncé has been the hot topic among parents after a photo leaked of her sitting in the back seat of a vehicle, presumably an SUV, holding her 2 month old baby. Since March 20th alone, there were over 7 pages of commentary in BabyCenter’s community forum.  While some moms immediately jumped to Beyoncé’s defense arguing that we do not know if the car was moving, many other moms are not so forgiving. One mom on WhattoExpect.com commented “I hate how being a celebrity exempts them from things normal people would be in trouble for. It’s ridiculous! If I was to do that I would be slapped with a ticket!”

This baby mama drama begs the question, how much influence do celebrity moms really have these days?  Since the rise of social media, blogs and online communities, more moms are seeking advice and engaging in discussions with other moms who they can more closely identify with, as opposed to wealthier, airbrushed celeb moms with nannies on call 24-7. 

Seeking information from other moms is often part of the purchase decision-making process. In fact, our research shows in categories like baby gear and car seats, moms are doing a lot of research and are quite vigilant prior to buying in these categories.

A BlogHer study recently asked women “What types of online advertisements influence you to seek more information about a product or brand?” While 58% answered sweepstakes and contests, 20% said a blog promo or blogger I know, and only 13% are influenced by celebrity endorsements.

Celebrities will continue to have influence among Gen Ys, but Gen Y values will start to shape the level of that influence with moms. Gen Y moms will choose who they want to follow and in what capacity, they will be resourceful and weed out multiple sources of information when making decisions that affect their child. Babble’s “Most Lovable Celebrity Mom” poll points right to this trend. Two out of the top three on their list are politicians, not celebrities in the typical sense; actresses, singers and models. Gen Y women are gravitating towards influencers who stand for something and are active with charitable causes.

So as we wait to see how Beyoncé handles her car seat crisis…I think it’s safe to say that “real moms” are the clear winner on the scale of influence with today’s Gen Y moms, and this type of ordeal certainly does not work in the celeb moms’ favor.