Accelerating Consideration for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles with Friendship

Automakers face a tough battle in the U.S. hybrid and electric car market in the near term, according to data from a February 2016 Mintel Group report. Falling fuel prices lead more and more buyers to larger conventional vehicles like SUVs, crossovers and trucks. That, combined with limited vehicle range, long recharging times and too few charging stations, makes predicting sales of hybrid and electric vehicles inconsistent at best.


Source: hybridcars.com/Mintel


However, research indicates that Boomer women and men are interested in researching and shopping for a hybrid or electric vehicle in the future. This may be in part due to their environmental consciousness, but many indicate not knowing enough about them and being skeptical of the return on what they believe to be a high cost.


Base: 1,906 Internet users aged 18+ who currently do not own a hybrid. Source: Lightspeed GMI/Mintel


To win over Boomers, automakers will need to focus on two things: connecting with them emotionally while advising them on the benefits and value of owning an electric vehicle.

At EMA, we believe that connecting is all about moving from building advertising campaigns to building platforms  ̶  platforms where learners, shoppers and buyers can actively engage with brands as well as connect with other like-minded people.

While educating is important, brands that understand their customers and can demonstrate they have their best interests at heart can become trusted advisors by anticipating and being able to answer their questions through the marketing channels they choose.

Connecting and Advising are but two of nine proven drivers of EMA’s Brand as Friend® approach, which creates friendship status for brands by building Affection, Relevance and Trust. It’s our philosophy that encourages people to interact with and think about brands much like they do their own friends. And it’s how we inspire our clients to make their brands the best friends they can be.