A useful tip when you need to prove the value of a significant change to skeptics.

Ever run into situations where upcoming changes threaten the comfort of the status quo, or present a new model that people might resist learning, or diminish one entity in favor of another? Examples: combining sales forces from two different camps or creating one got-to-market brand where once there were two. We’ve seen this in B2B a lot. One tactic we learned that can be very helpful in achieving objectives is using a metaphor. Showing how the change worked successfully before, for a brand that everyone knows, can elicit that “A ha”. Sometimes finding the right metaphor can be tricky but generally you can find something out there, very likely in your own industry or vertical, that adds clarity to your point and credibility to the proposition. For instance, to demonstrate how a challenger can position itself against the 800 lb. gorilla, we’ve used Apple and its famous “1984″ TV spot. And, speaking of IBM, we use “Smarter Planet” as an example of how a platform not only can support a variety of products and sales activities, but also express a higher purpose for a brand. Got change? Got Skeptics? Get metaphor.