A look at mom’s changing social media usage

The Mintel research from the study “Mintel_Marketing to Moms 2012” provides us with some interesting data regarding moms’ usage of social media as compared to previous years.  This research forces us to re-examine how we are reaching moms using digital media. This slowing of moms’ time spent on social network sites and growing of moms’ time spent on the internet with the purpose of accomplishing more tells us that we must look to reach moms in the places that they are going to accomplish these tasks, in addition to the typical social media outlets that they visit. The research reported in this study tells us that ways to reach moms might include banking, shopping, and medical services and information sites. The study also reports that moms are relying less on information found online and more on reports and information from family and friends when making purchasing decisions.  This may have some interesting implications on the types of messaging being used to target moms. This study provides us with an updated point of view indicating that advertising dollars to reach moms would be well spent in more traditional digital formats and sites, as well as social networking sites.